Bela Vengeance: film wins best poster of the year award


In 2020, we had fewer movie releases and, consequently, fewer posters. Still, according to a group of experts in the world of movie posters, one work of art in cinema has been above all others in the past year: Promising Young Woman.

The poster for the comic thriller, designed by Art Machine, was chosen as the best poster of the year by the IMP Awards, the poster library award, which recently announced its choice for the best of 2020 in a variety of categories.

In addition to the Emerald Fannell film, which led by the categories of best poster and best drama poster, other arts were also chosen to receive in different classifications.

Check out the main list below.

Best Horror Poster: Possessor

Best Comedy Poster: Nobody Plays With Jesus Quintana (The Jesus Rolls)

Best Action Poster: Birds of Prey

Worst Poster: The Swing of Things

In the art of No Balance of Things, winner of the Worst Poster category, there are many elements and people in a single image, which is clearly a very plastic montage.

In it, the couple is centered in the foreground, three different actors behind them, each of whom appear in a different photo. Secondarily, a beach ball, a bikini, and even a dog wearing sunglasses are placed on a bodyboard. In addition, the slogan used is confusing and strange.

The art of Bela Vingança is the opposite; a striking image, a striking slogan and a central figure that addresses the idea of ​​the film without revealing much of the plot. Similarly, Nobody’s Playing Jesus Quintana has an extremely clever poster.

On the IMP website it is possible to check the winners in the other categories, including Best Comic Slogan, Best Character Poster, Best Teaser Poster and Best Animation Poster, along with those nominated in each category.

Some of the Worst Poster winners from previous years are: The Exchange (2008), An Unromantic Comedy (2006), The Well-Armed (2013), Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012), Rhinestone – A Glow in the Night (1984) ), Pompeii (2014), X-Men: First Class (2011), Time of Vengeance (2016), Cook Off (2017), Danger in Bangkok (2008), One Missed Call (2008), The Hostel – Part II ( 2007), Ladrões (2010), Chef (2014) and, finally, Maldita Sorte (2007).

Bela Vingança was also nominated in several awards this year, such as, among others, the Golden Globe and the Oscars.


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