Bel-Air Marlon Wayans paid tribute to Ben Vereen, who played a role in the film “The Fresh Prince”


Bel-Air was one of the most popular Peacock hotels with its premiere moments, despite the obvious problems faced by critics. At the moment, the series has already revealed the characteristic moments of the “Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills”, including the stormy reunion of Willa and his absent father Lou. The original scene was brilliantly played between Will Smith and theater and television veteran Ben Vereen, and it served the cause of reinvention with the participation of Willa Jabari Banks and Lou Marlon Wayans. Having received so much love for his double, Wayans was able to happen to Verin. After meeting the “Lou” winner of In Living Color, a cute tribute was paid to the Tony winner.

Marlon Wayans accidentally met his defender from Fresh Prince, and, unsurprisingly, he had to document it on his Instagram. The photo included in the post was cute enough, but Wayans’ caption was really special. In it, the star praised 75-year-old Ben Vereen and explained how he originated on his work on Bel-Air:

@willsmith worries me about the repetition of the “LOU” video in Bel Air. He was originally played by “Sir” Ben Vereen in The Fresh Prince. It’s been years since I saw this episode. I was overwhelmed by the impressions. I immediately realized that I had a job.

Anyone can understand why they wanted to listen to an OG episode, how well it’s done. It is clear that the actor knew that he had big things to do, and he was facing an even more serious test, chose the dramatic tone of the remake. In the end, he decided not to imitate, but to do something fresh, but familiar. Graduate of Wayans Bros. he has achieved amazing success, and he is very happy that the fans appreciated what he did in the streaming show:

I was so happy that people were enjoying the density of work production. But I will always bow down to the original and the legends, because they did it first and paved the way. It was an honor to see you yesterday and just talk to you. Thank you, sir, for being a giant, in case we’re all standing.

You can’t help but love it when a star gives a veteran his props to pave the way.

The OG stars probably had no problems passing the baton. Will Smith even gave Jabari Banks some tips on how to take on his iconic role. Other graduates have already married with the series, such as the original Carlton Banks actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who is adamant that this is a “reinvention” and not a reboot. Fresh Prince veterans Daphne Maxwell Reed and Vernie Watson-Johnson even appeared in the ninth episode of Bel-Air as members of the Board of Trustees of the Helen and Janice Arts Council, respectively. Watson-Johnson first played Will’s mom Viola “Vai” Smith, and Maxwell-Reed played the second aunt Viv. I hope the audience will see more of the original composition of the Peacock fragrance.

The original scene between Will Smith and Ben Vereen still holds a special place in the hearts of OG Fresh Prince fans. Just watch the iconic exchange below, which also includes a powerful exchange between Smith and the calm James Avery (Uncle Phil):

As expected, a sharp rethinking on a slightly higher value of tension. You can see new events of the past and try not to get cold:

Needless to say, fans should be grateful that the two perfect Lusmites met Ben Vereen and Marlon Wayans. And as the show moves forward, I hope that the Right chance will appear in the new show.

Each season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is currently available for streaming on an HBO Max subscription. The first season of Bel-Air can be viewed by subscribing to Peacock. You can watch the entire season before the second one appears on the streamer.