Bel-Air Creators Ask Fans to “Not Judge” Will Smith After “Oscar Slapgate”


Will Smith has been busy working on his pure lyrics since he made a name for himself outside of Philadelphia. It was then that Andy and Susan Borowitz saw in him the potential to create what would later become the most beloved sitcom with The Prince of Beverly Hills. Despite the long time, viewers were surprised when the creators decided to stop working. Such was the influence of Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills. In 2022, the actor decided to bring the same success to the creators of Bel-Air.

After the unfortunate slap in the face at the Oscars in 2022, people mostly looked at each other when it came to supporting Will Smith. Especially those in the industry. However, massive support came from the creators with whom the actor “I am a Legend” had previously worked. And the creators of Bel-Air did not shy away from protecting their superstar.

The creators of Bel-Air support Fresh Prince

The series, although far from the cult level that the original managed to achieve, still received good reviews and great popularity. However, it was not the popularity, but the personality of Will Smith from day to day as a producer that pushed the two creators of the series to support the actor. “It was a very human moment that happened [at the Oscars], but human moments happen — no one is perfect, and it’s important not to judge,” Yahoo! said. Morgan Cooper, creator of Bel Air. Entertainment.

Morgan Cooper, who is actually the new prince in the industry, has shown courage by standing up for Will Smith. This happens when the masses decide to hate anyone who supports and communicates with the actor after the Oscar slap.

Will Will Smith play a cameo role in Bel-Air?

After Morgan Cooper came out in support of Will Smith, many wondered if the actor would agree to play a cameo role, especially since the premiere of the second season of the series took place on February 23.

The main character of the series, although his name is Will Smith, has never captured the actor live on camera. In the second season of Bel-Air, there were three episodes without Will Smith, and none of the creators mentioned anything about his cameo. So if there’s a cameo by Will Smith, it should be a surprise.

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