Behind Your Eyes: Understand The End Of The Series


Netflix’s newest psychological thriller miniseries, created by Steve Lightfoot, is currently in a privileged position in the Top 10 in Brazil. Behind Her Eyes, based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Pinborough, published in 2017.

With only six electrifying episodes, the plot, which premiered on February 17, covers the story of a solo mother named Louise (Simona Brown), who goes on to have an affair with her boss, the enigmatic David (Tom Bateman), and also becomes the best friend of his wife, the lonely Adele (played by Eve Hewson).

Despite having a very simple narrative in its conception, there are many elements that transform the dynamics between the characters as the episodes are shown and what the audience sees in front of them is a great psychological thriller.

However, what has been drawing the most attention from subscribers of the streaming platform is how the ending is built.

According to the novel’s original writer, in a recent interview with The Guardian, there are many surprising details at the climax. “I finished watching, took a shower and went to bed. I was still thinking about the ending and I made it up ”, she revealed.

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The episodes are developed in an amazing way. There is always a new trail left behind that is able to progressively involve the audience in the plot. However, there is a major upheaval that is being presented on the way to the outcome.

Although it sounds like a story about a fragile marriage and the discovery of extramarital secrets, the public actually learns that it is something supernatural. Rob (Robert Aramayo) and Adele discovered that they could experience astral projections, managing to change the souls of their respective bodies, as they learned.

Thus, in one of the exchanges between them, Rob possessed Adele’s body and killed her, thus assuming his life from that moment on. It is worth mentioning that Rob was very envious of her and, therefore, the astral projection helped him to achieve his goals.

David, for his part, had lived for ten years with someone who was not really what he thought. When Louise manages to find out what was going on, she ends up falling into a trap and, once again, there is an exchange of souls. Rob manages to kill her and live in her body, deceiving David once again.

Despite the great villain apparently overcoming all his obstacles, Adam (Tyler Howitt), Louise’s son, realizes that there is something different about his mother.

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