Behind Your Eyes: Get to know the hit Netflix show


With only six episodes, the audience has been positively surprised by the miniseries Behind the Eyes. Netflix’s production is based on the novel of the same name written by Sarah Pinborough and has a very engaging plot, as well as being extremely intriguing.

In the beginning, viewers are introduced to a couple who is going through several marital crises. Adele (Eve Hewson) and David (Tom Bateman) do not seem to be as happy as they might appear and suffer every moment with suspicion and intrigue.

In this context, the young Louise (Simone Brown) is inserted, who ends up getting involved with David without knowing that he would later be her boss. As the narrative progresses, Louise and Adele develop a friendship that can be quite dangerous for both of them.

Basically, Louise is surrounded by a network of lies and deceit, in which absolutely no one can be trusted. And that is something that can impact even the routine of his son Adam (Tyler Howitt), who creates alone, almost without the help of others.

Puzzles and discussions mark behind-the-scenes episodes

Since the debut of the miniseries, on February 17 of this year, on Netflix, the production has been in the Top 10 of several countries, including Brazil. It is a great choice for those spectators who like to assemble puzzles full of puzzles and loose clues along the way.

However, the dynamics between the characters can be captivating and at the same time interesting for the most dispersed viewers, working very well when the explanations need to be highlighted.

This psychological thriller, however, has a very striking and peculiar twist, which can reconfigure everything that had been previously presented and also reformulate what was read as certain among the characters presented.

The cast also features Robert Aramayo, Georgie Glen, Aaron Anthony, Nichola Burley, Aston McAuley and Eva Birthistle.

Did you like what you read? Behind Your Eyes is entirely available on Netflix!