Behind the scenes – Real cats for the homeless


A month after the release, critics are still praising Stray. The little indie game made a big splash, receiving almost perfect ratings from publications such as GameSpot and EGM, collecting news articles from publications that usually do not cover video games, and attracted a lot of attention from players on social networks. One of the most beloved aspects of the game is the feline protagonist.

Behind the main character, the cat, there are several real cats connected to BlueTwelve Studio. One cat inspired the image of the main character, another was a voice actor, and another was studied for various animations related to jumping cats. There were several office cats in the studio that inspired them to create Stray. In fact, according to producer Swann Martin-Raget, about 80 percent of the people who worked on the game kept cats as pets.

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Murtaugh and Oscar

Although they are not complete clones of each other, the design of the main character Stray was based on a real cat named Murto. He is the cat of the producer of BlueTwelve Studio, Viv and Kula. Initially, he was homeless himself, he was found by producer Martin-Raget under a car near Montpellier, France. According to an article on the PlayStation blog written by Martin-Raget, Murtaugh also received the love nickname “Boss”. In an interview with Digital Trends, Matin-Raget said that the adoption of Merto Viv and Kula coincided with the early stages of the Vagrant’s development. Although Murtaugh was a source of inspiration for the main character, he did not stay in the office. However, other cats frequented the development team’s space while they were working on the game.

In the animation of the sphinx, Oscar was the star. He belonged to the cat animator of the game Miko and spent a lot of time at the workplace, showing how the main character, the cat, was animated. Miko used a lot of cat videos to help with the animation, and was also able to shoot a video of Oscar in action.

June and lala

Strey’s producer also shared photos of June’s black cat, discussing the cats behind the Tramp. June, like Oscar, was present at the studio offices almost every day. Together with Oscar, June helped the team constantly monitor the cats’ behavior while they were making the game. According to Martin-Raget in an interview with Digital Trend, June was one of those cats who went from table to table and watched what everyone was doing.

For the voice acting, the cat Lala provided her meow. She voiced not only the main character, but also other cats in the game. The voice actress was revealed from Yankenpopp’s tweet, and little is known about her other than her great contribution to the game. She not only provided meowing, but also hissing, purring and growling cats.

More about the connection of a Tramp with cats

Martin-Raget talked a lot about what it’s like to work on a video game among fellow cats. One detail he shared with Digital Trends was that he lost some of his work when translating from French to English because the cat managed to turn off his computer. To protect their computers from cats, the development team had to cover the power buttons with cardboard.

While social media is now full of videos of people’s cats reacting to the game, the development team did it in their own offices. Martin-Raget shared with Digital Trends that the appearance of cats that began to react to the characters and sounds of the game was a wonderful moment, and the developers took it as a sign that they were on the right track. Cats reacting to technology in offices served as a source of inspiration for how a Stray cat would react to various parts of a cyberpunk setting.

Stray is currently available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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