Behind the scenes of the Witcher season 2 shoot [Video]


After a long year of surprising changes and challenges, Netflix announced that the production of The Witcher Season 2 is finally complete. To celebrate this momentous moment, Netflix shared a short behind-the-scenes cut of the work to build next season, including the forests where the series was filmed and the changes the team must make under the pandemic.

The Witcher’s first season was one of the most popular productions for Netflix. However, the second season was postponed due to the epidemic. Filming started in February 2020, the team only had a few weeks before the outbreak was announced and production was temporarily suspended.

Production did not restart until August 2020. However, there were multiple additional delays, as COVID-19 tests were positive for some people in the project. Finally things got better. The new Netflix video revealed that production could continue for 158 days with at least one unit running.

The team was required to wear face masks and face shields, as shown in the short behind-the-scenes video Netflix shared this week. The video, albeit brief, gives viewers a glimpse of some of the works necessary to bring this show to life, including the huge lights suspended in a dark night forest.

Filming took place in 15 different locations and included 89 cast crew members as well as more than 1200 set crew members. The completion of production also means confirmation that The Witcher Season 2 will be released on Netflix this year. However, the company has not announced a specific launch date yet.


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