Behind PS5 and Xbox : how are consoles reserved in Spain


At the gates of the beginning of the new generation, we chatted with those responsible for the Xtralife chain to explain their procedures.

September 16, at the edge of midnight, ends the long-awaited PlayStation Showcase where Sony displayed its entire arsenal of games for PS5 and, above all, what it had been waiting for so long: date and price. When some were turning off the lights to go to sleep, the alarms of some well-known chain stores in Spain began to go off, such as GAME, which was the first to kick off reservations. “Available now”, but just barely.

Saturated web portals, individual tension not to be left out of what was supposed to be a very limited batch. So it was; apologies through. While the media reported the availability of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition reservations, the “sold out” sign began to be seen and the purchase actions were not processed. Microsoft gave more time, gave notice and established fixed hours for everyone. Things were better, but not much; this time not for lack of planning, but for a total limitation of supply.

The demand beat the supply by a landslide.

Now, how do these processes work in stores? How do you live that moment inside? What about the relationship with the manufacturers? We have had a long conversation by videoconference with the heads of Xtralife, an online business that has been operating for thirteen years in Spain, so that they can explain us how things are from the other side and that we all learn a little more about these complexes processes.

For this we have counted on Jitain Chugani, original co-founder of the chain; and Aitor Brunet, Logistic Manager of the store and responsible for communication with customers. Xtralife was founded in 2007 and is presented in Spain as one of the pioneers of ecommerce focused on video games and digital software. Three generations of consoles with which you are on the way. They are part of a parent company founded in 1989 with which they merged; While for two years they have been working with a new, more attractive website, with more navigation tools and, most importantly, more capacity to manage a market where there are dozens of products and thousands of clients every month.


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