Before the “Island of VIP Temptations”: Aurelio sexted a seductress


Will this VIP seductress of the Island of Temptations become dangerous for Aurelio Savina (44)? The reality TV star wants to put his relationship with girlfriend Lala Aluas to a severe test of loyalty. Although the couple has an open relationship, physicality is still taboo on the island of temptations. In the first issue of the show, a piquant detail was revealed: Aurelio already knows the seductress — and wrote her a few months before the “Island of Temptations V.I.P.” even sexual messages!

On the first evening at the men’s villa, the seductress Fabienne Gierke told the candidate Tommy Pedroni that she already knew Aurelio: “He has been following me for two years.” They met on Instagram, and then exchanged personal messages — and it got down to business. “We’ve always had more intimate conversations in the direction of dirty talk. What he will do to me when he does this to me — towards sex. That he finds me completely hot,” she said alone. – one interview. Aurelio also confirmed this: “It was about a possible upcoming sex meeting.”

Fabien couldn’t resist telling Aurelio directly about it. “It turns you on that I’m here. You’ve been writing to me for two years, I’ve been writing to you, and now we’ll see each other here?” She ran into a muscular man, who then explained the model’s open relationship between him and Lala — this refers to the “Island of Temptations V.I.P.” but logically not. Do you think Aurelio will still let Fabien trick her? Vote right now in the poll!


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