Before the iPhone 13 was introduced, the iPhone 14 design appeared


Even if the introduction day for the iPhone 13 has not yet come, the first claims about the iPhone 14 design have been rendered.


According to Apple’s announcement yesterday, the iPhone 13 and its new generation Apple products will be introduced on September 14. While we are counting the days for this date, analysts have started to make the first comments for the iPhone 14. The most supported comments are made into render images. Thus, the first images of the iPhone 14 design appeared.

First images for iPhone 14 design

The shared images are not based on the official source, and considering that we are a year away from the introduction of the iPhone 14, the margin of error may be high. However, our expectations from the phone came to life with these images. The features that we expect to be on the iPhone 13, but have been said otherwise recently, were awarded for the iPhone 14 design.

If the iPhone 13 does not deliver a revolution as expected, we will definitely have high expectations from the iPhone 14. We expect the notch, which has remained the same since the iPhone X, to shrink with the iPhone 13. In the next generation, the complete removal of the notch may now be an appropriate step. The protruding (high) camera setup, which can not be liked by most people, is one of the things we expect to go out of our lives with the iPhone 14.

In the past days, a report has been published stating that we will see the innovation of removing the charging port, which we expect from the iPhone 13, on the iPhone 14. Again, if we refer to this report and some accompanying claims, we can expect an iPhone 14 design without a charging port.

In order to give a full interpretation to the claims we mentioned, we must first wait for the introduction of the iPhone 13. That’s why September 14 is a critical date for us.


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