Before Ryan Gosling got a role in the Netflix series “Grey Man”, the Russo brothers were considered the main character, and she would be perfect

It’s always nice to see how the main character takes responsibility in an action movie in which you don’t have to be a love interest or a damsel in distress. This has been done before when the director changes the gender of the lead role, which was originally written for a man, when they notice a great talent like Ripley Sigourney Weaver in the Alien franchise, who is considered one of the best female characters in science. fi movie. Believe it or not, but the Russo brothers were going to move a little away from the original novel “The Gray Man”, taking the female lead instead, and she was perfect for this role.
Although the Russo brothers were appointed directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in June 2012, they wanted to make an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s The Grey Man. But with the success of these Marvel films leading up to “Captain America: Standoff” and the last two “Avengers” films, this project had to take a back seat. According to an Insider, Joe Russo said that in the early stages of “Grey Man,” none other than Charlize Theron was attached to the lead role, compared to the fact that there was a man in the lead role, as in the book.
There was a moment that I encouraged. Initially, when I left the project, I was still trying to help them with it, and we thought it would be a really compelling idea, but I think it was a scheduling issue that could contradict the George Miller movie she made. .
The movie Russo was talking about was when Theron played the one-armed fighter Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Filming of the post-apocalyptic action movie began in the summer of 2012, so it is clear why at the time when the “Gray Man” was under development, there was a conflict in the schedule. This movie did a great job showing that women can be totally cool with a shaved head and a spidery mechanical arm. The “Monster” actress felt that this role really resonated with her in the message of the story about finding community and belonging. Considering that this film earned her the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress in an action Movie, I would say that she made the right choice by choosing Furiosa.
Joe Russo went on to talk about how he thought about rewriting the role to change gender, but her availability prevented her from signing a contract.
Yes. In fact, I think I was talking to her about a possible scenario change. But then she ended up going to this movie and couldn’t do it anymore.
Without a South African-American actress to play the main role, Ryan Gosling was chosen instead. He will play the CIA’s secret operations mercenary Count Gentry, who is forced to flee after revealing the agency’s dark secrets. Since “The Grey Man” has already been shown on screen, critics were very impressed with Gosling’s “cool” performance and his dynamic with Chris Evans, who plays the villain in the film.
You don’t have to think too much about what Charlize Theron would be like in the female lead role in an action movie, since she was part of the adaptation of the Old Guard comics on Netflix. Just as she was originally going to play in The Grey Man, Theron played a mercenary in this film, with the key difference being that she was immortal in her quest to save the mortal world from threats. Filming for the sequel has just begun, and we see Theron reprising her role as our beloved immortal mercenary as her character’s storyline continues.
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