Before her role as Diana, it was actress Emma Corrin’s job.


The popular series The Crown, has started the production of its season 5, where everyone is curious about the character of Princess Diana, who is being played by actress Emma Corrin, but who is this actress?

Actress Emma Corrin landed a few roles before appearing in The Crown, including some bows on the Pennyworth series in 2019, but the role of Princess Diana is the most important she has ever landed.

Even actress Corrin herself has admitted how important and overwhelming her role as the Princess of Wales is, Diana.

“It’s so crazy, I think it’s incredibly overwhelming and I feel a great sense of responsibility because no matter how well we do this, it is always going to step on this family’s sense of loss.”

The actress has also revealed that she has had a dialect coach, to better fit Diana’s voice, which is a key part of playing her, as well as a movement coach.

“Those little details helped a lot to make it less scary. It is a great responsibility and also a great honor ”.

Before his first role at Pennyworth, he worked as a retailer, packing boxes of underwear in a London location. Something that helped her role as Princess Diana in The Crown.

But, unfortunately, actress Emma Corrin will not be in the series for long, since for season 5 she will be replaced by Elizabeth Debicki for seasons 5 and 6. All to focus on the last years of life and issues of age differences of actresses.

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