Before and after BLACKPINK’s Jisoo


Jisoo conquered the world of K-Pop with BLACKPINK, we tell you about his way to fame through photos. The BLACKPINK girls have captivated audiences thanks to their multiple skills on and off stage. Jisoo has great talents and a charming personality, do you know the success story of this idol?

Like other K-Pop singers, Jisoo faced great challenges trying to become a singer, but he had a well defined dream he wanted to pursue and his perseverance brought him wonderful results that we now know.

The stages of Jisoo’s life made her the charming girl she is now, someone who possesses an incredible stage presence, a striking look, and a unique sense of humor.

We encourage you to remember some of the most special times of Jisoo and know the before and after of this girl through a series of photographs.



Some images from Jisoo’s childhood were revealed through BLACKPINK’s documentary Light up the sky. The idol grew up in a family that enjoyed singing all the time, which led her to discover her abilities from an early age.


The idol found her way after auditioning at YG Entertainment, where she began training very hard, taking singing and dancing classes that she had never experienced before. Her commitment and talent led to her being announced as one of the girls who were candidates to debut, revealing her image years before BLACKPINK’s official presentation.


While training, Jisoo was also able to experiment in other areas and show her abilities. The idol was part of various advertising projects where she modeled and acted, taking up a passion she had while she was a student and was part of a drama club.

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After years of effort, Jisoo managed to debut as a member of BLACKPINK. At that time, her face was already known thanks to the projects in which she previously participated. Her look and her talent caught the public’s attention immediately.


BLACKPINK’s success grew incredibly after their debut, allowing idols to put on big concerts, receive numerous awards and nominations, as well as perform abroad and show their popularity. Jisoo evolved together with the group and was able to show more of her potential.


Jisoo also became a fashion icon, donning outfits from luxury brands and attending fashion shows alongside other celebrities. As if that weren’t enough, she began working with various brands as her image for new campaigns.


Currently, the idol is known around the world and thanks to her hard work she is a star with many skills, both in music and in modeling and acting, where she will soon show great surprises by being part of a K-Drama.


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