Becky G talks about her love for J-Hope and BTS


Getting in touch with the world of K-Pop was a great experience for Becky G, who remembers J-Hope and BTS as an inspiration.

J-Hope and Becky G worked on a collaboration together that was released almost a year ago, however, the Mala Santa singer remembers this project as an experience from which she learned a lot.

The Chicken Noodle Soup music video became a hit as soon as it was released and Becky expressed what it was like to work alongside the BTS member, who also left an important mark on her due to the way this guy works.

Like many fans, Becky G thinks that K-Pop is something you can’t help but love, but the collaboration she had with J-Hope showed him everything behind the scenes, leaving a pleasant surprise for him.

According to this singer, Hoseok pays attention to many details and the dedication this K-Pop idol puts into his work became an inspiration for her.

Although Chicken Noodle Soup was a melody in which they both contributed their talent and creativity, Becky G insisted that all credits go to Hoseok, since this K-Pop idol was the one who had the idea and approached her to create a project together.

Also, this girl referred to J-Hope as a very creative person who is really focused on his work, for Becky, Hoseok is a complete artist because he gets involved in many aspects of music and each of his presentations, so He expressed his admiration for the idol.

BTS recently released the music video for Dynamite, but now they have released two new remixes with a tropical and poolside style.

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