Becky G shows her secret to have it like this and her IG collapses with the photo


Becky G shows her secret to have it like this and her IG collapses with the photo.
The Californian did not imagine that this photo would mean total madness but its secret is worth millions …

Everything that happens in Becky G’s life ends up being viral and it is not surprising. The young Californian singer is sweet and does nothing that goes unnoticed in recent weeks. If she presents a gala it turns out that everyone likes it, as it was with the MTV in Seville two weeks ago. If you attend the Latin Grammys you get rewarded and amaze with their elegance. If you publish an album, it is placed in the top positions in the sales lists as has happened with Mala Santa. In short, Becky G is a reef and brands know them, of course.

For this reason in these last weeks there have been two trademarks that have reached an agreement with the American artist to be publicized by the young woman in different media and channels and among them could not miss IG. Both Oreo cookies and Ole Henriksen cosmetics house have hired Becky G to showcase their products and give them a ball among their followers. For this reason we can see the Sin Pajama singer make a video call to her family in Mexico after returning from travel and see that they had put an Oreo package in her suitcase.

Another of the photos uploaded to her Insta recently has been one in which Becky G’s face is seen in the foreground looking at the horizon while drinking a glass of champagne and touching her face with the other hand. In the image she wears a make-up and ideal skin and that is exactly what she comments in the photo, as the cream has worked on her skin in the last two weeks, avoiding some spot that the regetonera had on her face. Creams that improve the skin and Oreo cookies to show off a perfect complexion and have an ideal snack. Becky G feels ideal, do you?

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