Becky G announces “They Ain’t Ready” , new song with a good cause


The song and merchandise they will put on sale will help the students who need it most.

The singer announced through her social networks the single that is about to be released, it is a song that she has had prepared for a long time, but she had not found the ideal time to release it. However, this seems like an ideal time to do it and at the same time help those who are having difficult times.

This song is named ‘They Ain’t Ready’ and will premiere on April 13. Along with her, Becky will launch some pieces of merchandise inspired by the video for this song and assured that the profits raised through these products will be completely destined for a good cause.

Donations will go to LA Students Most In Need, an organization that currently supports students who are no longer able to come to take classes and helps them by providing food and other items that they and their families need during this quarantine. Becky assured that, although this is a musical release that generates a bittersweet feeling due to the situation, this seems to be the best time to make it known.

“At the time, this song was intended to inspire others to fight for love and unite despite their differences. Today, it represents not only that, but also hope.”

In addition to the donation she will make from the proceeds from the sale of her merchandise, Becky G reported that by uploading the video for ‘They Ain’t Ready’ on YouTube, they will also add a button through which people can make donations they want to help this same cause.


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