Becca Tilly talks about how Hayley Kiyoko “inspires” her, and about plans for the future

So happy together! Becca Tilly is crazy about her friend Hayley Kiyoko, and she’s ready to tell everyone about it.

The chronology of the relationship of “the bachelor” Becky Tilly and singer Hayley Kiyoko

“I like so many things about Haley—and we’re so different,” the 33—year-old bachelor’s degree graduate began on the Us Weekly podcast “Here for the Right Reasons.” “I always thought I wanted someone who, you know, would be like me, and I sometimes think that in some ways it makes life easier, but during the time that we were together, I realized how much I love our differences. Because in things where I don’t consider myself strong, she succeeds.”
Tilly told us that the 31-year-old singer is “so purposeful”, “so passionate” and helped her in communication.
“She’s so sociable, and I kind of shut myself down in the face of adversity or confrontation, and she really inspired me, for example, to learn how to communicate my feelings and understand that communicating your feelings doesn’t mean you’re being confrontational—it’s just meeting someone in the middle and being able to express your needs.” Tilly continued. “To be honest, I’m so inspired by who she is as a person and what she does. She’s so talented. She can do anything and everything. I could go on and on—I’m just really proud of her, I’m really proud of our relationship.”
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Tilly and Kiyoko became public in May after four years of a secret relationship. The former reality TV star previously called her partner “95p,” referring to a response on the live podcast “Scrubbing In” about the percentage that she would marry her current soulmate.
Becca Tilly and Hayley Kiyoko. Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock; David Buchan/Shutterstock
“Hayley was in the audience. I could feel her gaze burning into me when I asked the question: “This game is fast, you know, it’s not that you can’t think for too long.” I think it’s natural that people ask, “What is the percentage now? Or what’s the next step?” Because I really… I set myself up for this,” she told Us, noting that they “just enjoy this part of our relationship” and are not worried about the future. “I think we’re both very happy and contented, and I know we both want to be with each other, and I don’t know what it looks like specifically, but we’re really in a good place and happy.”
While some may have suggested that Tilly’s “launch” of her novel was aligned with Pride Month, she told us it was a “coincidence.” However, she celebrated this event by teaming up with Kiehl’s to hold a fundraiser in support of the Trevor project.
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“This fundraiser was specifically dedicated to Pride Month, but they work and support the Trevor project all year round, and it was very cool for me,” Tiley said. “It wasn’t just in June. It just wasn’t Pride Month. I was talking to some of the people who work at the Trevor Project at the event and I was very emotional talking to them because what they do is very important to a lot of people. And I was very lucky — throughout this whole process I was surrounded by so much support and love. And even from the very beginning of my relationship, which was, you know, four years ago. And so many people don’t have this support in their lives. And the Trevor Project offers it to people who don’t have it.”
Tilly also revealed that she was “overwhelmed” by how many people at Bachelor Nation respected her decision to keep their relationship a secret for the past four years.
“I think what struck me the most was that I knew that so many people knew. Hayley and I went to events together, weddings and all that, and I will always introduce her as my girlfriend,” she explained. “But I was just stunned that so many people, especially from the bachelor world and people who knew about our relationship, respected it to the point where I was ready to say it. …So many [journalists] knew about it. And everyone treated me with respect. That was the most important moment when I thought: “Wow, that was so cool, like, people were cool.”