Because of the problem with leaving the dacha: Cosimo Citiolo breaks off?


Is Cosimo Citiolo (40) losing his temper? The iconic DSDS candidate can currently be seen with his partner Natalie Gauss in the “Summer House of Stars”. After the round of nominations in today’s issue, things are getting serious for the two of them: they need to take part in the exit contest. But in fact, the result was quite obvious, because the couples voted unanimously for Stephen (48) and Katarina Durr. It was a huge shock for Cosimo that now he and Natalie have to fight for their whereabouts!

-“To hell with the fee, we’ll go,” Cosimo said, nervously pacing the living quarters. “I swear to you […]no one does this to me!” he was annoyed. The singer’s feelings seemed to boil up more and more. Attempts by Diego Sangre (27) and Vanessa Mariposa (29) to motivate him also did not help. On the way to the office, Cosimo went completely crazy. “I’m going to talk to the boss, I want to go,” he shouted, making the other celebrities look scared. “You’re just making a fool of yourself,” Natalie tried to reason with her family, but to no avail. The end of the episode remains open, regardless of whether there will be an exit from the game or not.

However, Cosimo and Natalie did not always fail in the trials. In the third episode, the two were able to assert themselves against their opponents and won the challenge. The audience surprised her with excellent results in questions on knowledge and logic and even managed to escape at the end.

“Das Sommerhaus der Stars” every Wednesday and Sunday at 20:15 on RTL and in advance on RTL+.


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