“Because I didn’t say “F—You”…” — Kim Kardashian Defends Herself Among People Angry Over The Balenciaga Scandal


Kim Kardashian is not very happy with the public attention to Balenciaga. While celebrities make millions from brand deals, both the brand and the celebrity are responsible for each other’s actions, in a good or bad light. Therefore, when the Balenciaga advertising campaign faced a serious negative reaction, the same thing happened to everyone who participated in it.


Their campaign showed toddlers holding stuffed toys in BDSM clothing. In one photo there were even court documents about a real trial in the case of pedophilia. While the masses have not forgiven the luxury brand for its actions, the owner of SKKN is also being subjected to a negative reaction to its partnership and silence about disputes. Now the socialite has told about her response and the reaction of the public.

Why Kim Kardashian Feels She Can’t Win the Balenciaga Controversy

Kim Kardashian was a few days late to call Balenciaga for their campaign. But instead of severing ties with them, she wants to conduct a more thorough check. During an interview for the Angie Martinez IRL podcast, she talked about the whole ordeal. She feels that people didn’t accept her negative reaction to the brand because “I didn’t say fuck you, Balenciaga. That’s all. People got angry about it.” The owner of SKIMS feels that people will get angry regardless of whether you speak or are silent.

She has already faced scrutiny for not speaking out quickly against the campaign. In her defense, she found out about the dispute only a few days later. But Kardashian wanted to do her own research before making any assumptions. She wanted to talk to the brand and hear their opinion before recounting their relationship with the brand.

Although the socialite probably also distanced herself from this, explaining that she had never participated in the campaign. Gabriele Galimberti, who was the campaign photographer, was also forced to apologize for the campaign. It should be noted that it was Kanye West who introduced his ex-wife to the brand. While he was breaking up with them, Kardashian continued her partnership.

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