Bebe Rexha Wins Million Dollars In Las Vegas


Bebe Rexha Wins Million Dollars In Las Vegas. The singer had a lucky night recently during which she earned more than eight thousand dollars with an initial investment of 500, but in the end she lost another three thousand for not knowing how to stop on time.

Singer Bebe Rexha visited Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to perform at the JBL Festival and was unable to resist a visit to the slot machines. The evening did not start very well, but just when he was about to spend the 500 dollars that had been set as a limit, luck began to smile suddenly.

“I kept losing, losing and losing. I changed my last hundred dollars and started playing again, and the machine went crazy. I ended up earning about 1,800 dollars and, from that amount, I separated 500 to go to another machine where I won 1,200 “, has revealed the interpreter in the program ‘Extra’.

His streak did not end there. Given that this was clearly his night, Bebe decided to continue betting on the fortune roulette, in which he won first $ 3,000 and then another 2,500.

“I don’t know how much it was in the end, but I ended up with about eight thousand dollars. In the end, as I kept betting and losing, I think I pocketed about $ 5,200. It’s not bad. It turns out that I always win,” he added.

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Although I could have left with a bigger booty if I had known how to stop on time, the interpreter doesn’t regret anything: “I like to take risks. I don’t get scared easily … even when I started in the music industry with only $ 600 in the bank account. ”

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