Beast Wars Misses a Chance to Level Up Transformers for a Tragic Reason


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Transformers: Beast Wars #17!

The latest issue of Beast Wars hints that IDW Publishing planned to continue the story of Transformers in a completely different way than its main source of inspiration, but will never do so because the publisher had to prematurely turn off the entire series.

In January, the comic book industry received some shocking news when it was announced that IDW had lost the rights to Transformers and Beast Wars, among other titles, after 17 years of publication in favor of a hitherto unknown competitor. Although there are rumors that Robert Kirkman’s company Skybound has acquired these licenses from Hasbro, these rumors have not yet been confirmed. But what fans know for sure is that IDW has just released the latest installment of Beast Wars as a result of an unexpected deal with Hasbro, and it’s absolutely tragic.

After the shocking betrayal of the Tarantulas in Beast Wars, a full—scale war breaks out between the Vok Children and temporarily allied Predacons and Maximals, before the Voks — alien creatures trying to destroy the planet and everyone on it – are suddenly destroyed by the now fully functioning Maximum ship in Transformers: Beast Wars #17 by writer Eric Burnham, artist Josh Beauchamp and writer Jake M. Wood. Finally, with a mode of transport that can take them from the mysterious planet where both factions crashed, the Maximals can really get away. However, the remaining predacons decide to stay to avoid persecution, but do not remain empty-handed. They have the remnants of the terrifying Wok technology to fix their own escape method. Then the series ends after 114 cycles in the future, when the predacons have probably already repaired their ship and left the mysterious planet themselves.

Despite the fact that Eric Burnham and Josh Buham do not address the finale in their long farewell letters to fans on the last pages of the issue, it is likely that they originally intended to go down this path, although they were clearly in a hurry to finish prematurely. It would be a pretty bold choice for a series that is largely based on the original TV show Beast Wars. Although Eric and Josh contributed many times to the first “Beast Wars”, the backbone of the original TV series for the most part still remained intact. However, the decision to go off-planet would be a serious departure from the plot of the original, since all three seasons took place exclusively on the same mysterious planet on which Maximals and Predacons have been abandoned since the pilot episode. In fact, the Maximals and Predacons called their struggle on this planet precisely the Wars of the Beasts, since they received their alternative animal forms from local animals and creatures, both living and dead.

It’s hard to imagine what the world of Beast Wars will look like in space or on other planets other than the one where these Transformers crashed, and unfortunately that’s all fans can really do at the moment. Let’s hope that the publishing house, which will eventually begin publishing new Beast Wars and Transformers series, will continue the legacy that IDW Publishing masterfully observes, creating an incredible adaptation of a very memorable and legendary series.