Beartooth Moved The London Show to Wembley Arena After The Closure of Brixton Academy


Beartooth have rescheduled their upcoming London Wembley Arena show after the closure of Brixton Academy.

The metal band is set to embark on a UK tour in March, with performances culminating in Brixton on March 19.

Now that the South London venue is closed until April, the concert has been expanded to the Wembley Arena, seating 12,000 people.

Find additional concert tickets here and check out the band’s statement about the venue change below.


The news that Brixton Academy will remain closed for the foreseeable future was announced on Friday (January 13).

The closure comes after two deaths caused by a crowd crush at an Asake concert last month. The incident occurred when people outside the hall were able to break into the show, which led to overcrowding and the cancellation of the concert halfway through.

Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, died in hospital on December 17, and 23-year-old Gaby Hutchinson died on December 19. The third participant, 21 years old, remains in hospital in critical condition.

On December 22, it became known that Brixton Academy’s license may be temporarily suspended after the incident, and the institution was later ordered to remain closed until January 16. Now the Academy Music Group (AMG), which runs the hall, has said it will remain closed while several investigations continue.

Meanwhile, Beartooth released a new single “Riptide” last summer and told NME how he was inspired by musicians like BTS, Ariana Grande and the Backstreet Boys.

The new track represents a “clean slate” for the band, vocalist Caleb Shomo told NME. Discussing the 2020 album Below, he said, “As much as I loved this record and it was important to my life and my career, it was absolutely the most depressing and sad work I’ve ever done.”


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