Bearflix: streaming service shows the daily life of bear cubs


Tired of the catalogs of the most famous streaming services on the market and looking for news for your entertainment? The Bear Again Rehabilitation Center for Orphan Bears, from Romania, in conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature, has launched an unusual project to raise donations that can offer the programming you are looking for. This is Bearflix, bringing a series of episodes about the daily lives of orphaned bear cubs rescued in the country.

When hiring subscription plans ranging from US $ 5 to US $ 20 (approximately R $ 27 to R $ 109 monthly), subscribers check success stories of rehabilitated animals, in addition to information about the importance, behavior and biology of brown bears. According to WWF, the institution, the only one in Europe, has taken care of 150 specimens since it was founded in 2004.

“We plan to add more films to the platform, which we hope will bring in new members who can help the orphanage secure food and shelter for its guests, in addition to expanding the rehabilitation program,” explains Alina Moldovan, digital fundraising coordinator at WWF Romania. After a period of two years, the animals return to their natural habitats.

According to Four Paws, an animal welfare organization, Romania is home to the largest population of brown bears on the Old Continent. There are more than 7 thousand of them. With the launch, it is possible to have a good idea of ​​the high confusions that this crowd of noise is capable of getting into.


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