Bear Review & Breakfast: Bizarre management, questionable narrative


Bear & Breakfast is a whimsical management simulation game in which players manage an expanding set of bed and breakfast hotels in different locations while exploring the history of the area and its inhabitants. Perfectly fitting into the incredibly popular genre of cozy video games, Bear & Breakfast stands out for its atmosphere, management aspects and characters. However, despite the fact that the game tries its best — and sometimes succeeds — to tell a fascinating story, some elements of the narrative are slightly untrue.

Players start Bear & Breakfast is like Hank, a simple, friendly bear who lives with his mother and two best friends in a cozy forest hut. Going on an errand, Hank is quickly distracted and, before he realizes it, becomes the owner of the game’s first bed and breakfast hotel, which is located in a renovated barn. This is how the player’s business ventures begin, which permeate the main storyline of the game. As Hank explores new areas and meets new characters, he will discover new objects and attract more people to the area.

The elements of collecting materials and manufacturing are a large part Bear & Breakfast bears are scavengers, and Hank is no exception. While crafting is incredibly efficient and well designed, allowing you to create multiple items and automatically divide the manufactured items into room categories, collecting can become a bit repetitive. Unlike many games that require collecting materials, Hank does not use any tools. This means that players cannot participate in activities such as tree felling. Some players may like the way this mechanic is designed, as the lack of painstaking work eliminates the need for things like annoying energy meters, while others may find collecting not attractive. .

Bear & Breakfast combines several different styles of environment into a single world of nature. As the story progresses, players will find and restore destroyed buildings among nature, not only repairing new resort buildings, but also attractions in the area, which will help increase the number of guest requests. As the players work in each area, the way Hank restores life and beauty in each part is really a spectacle that gives a good sense of accomplishment. Each area is unique, and players can eventually discover five different styles of lodging and breakfast, from a ski resort in the snowy mountains to a motel on the side of the highway, which is humorously called the A24, in the desert. The cherry on the cake is the music and ambient sounds of the game, perfectly conveying both cozy and creepy elements of the environment.

Players will start by building simple bedrooms in their first property, and Bear & Breakfast uses mechanics similar to games like Two Point Hospital for how players will design each room of the resort. Comfort and decoration scores are determined for each room by the levels of furniture and decor they contain, and each potential guest will have the expected level of each of them that they expect from their stay. Meeting or exceeding guests’ expectations will result in higher reviews and fees, while the opposite is true for an unsatisfactory stay. The feedback system is reliable from the point of view of its mechanics, although the actual text left by each guest may have some variations — each review left with the same star level will have the same comments from each guest, which slightly distracts from the bizarre work of the resort. experience. As players progress, guests of more challenging resorts will have a broader set of expectations regarding things like food, temperature and available amenities, as well as comfort and decoration, which adds fun additional challenges to the game.

Part of the “breakfast” in Bear & Breakfast appears a little later than the name, with an intriguing cooking mechanics, where recipes are prepared using a system of cards in which some properties are introduced. Although this system may not be to everyone’s taste, the presence of a card system, unlike cooking in the style of mini-games, which is common in many simulation games, is a welcome change that helps to preserve the relaxed nature of the title. Cooking is one of the many services for which players may eventually hire an employee at Bear & Breakfast, because they will make friends with the characters and complete mandatory quests for them. This is a good way to add a convenient version of automation to the game that seems compatible with the game universe, and at the same time eliminate annoying everyday tasks from the schedules of players as they expand.

List of Bear characters & Breakfast is full of charming people and animals, although some of them, unfortunately, get almost no screen time in the game. For example, Hank’s best friends and mother rarely appear after the beginning of the title, unless the player specifically goes home to see them.


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