Bear and Breakfast: Is it possible to sell items?


At Bear and Breakfast, Hank the bear has limited inventory. It doesn’t take long for players to start looking for a way to throw away, sell, or put away items to gain more space in this indie game.

Can you sell items at Bear and Breakfast?

The short answer to this question is that Bear and Breakfast players cannot sell their items. According to many fans on the Steam community pages, this is an unfortunate oversight on the part of the developers. So unless the developers of Gummy Cat eventually change that, players will have to look for other ways to get rid of unwanted items during the 30-plus hours they will be playing Bear and Breakfast. Fortunately, they can do two things: throw away items or store them.

Storing items in a bear stash

To store items in this Stardew Valley-like control simulator, find one of the bear caches that are located next to each of the Pawn Voyage trucks. All these boxes are connected to each other, so by placing items in one, they are placed in all the others.

Just go to the cache and press E to interact with it, then drag any items to or from the vault to Hank’s inventory.

There are also two buttons under the bear cache; the “Take Everything” button moves as much of the bear cache as possible to the inventory, and the “Reset Everything” button moves as much of the player’s inventory as possible to the cache.

How to delete items in Bear and Breakfast

Another good way to free up space in this weird hotel simulator game called “Bear and Breakfast” is to remove items. To remove an item, it must be in Hank’s inventory, not in a Bear Stash.

Click on the item and drag it to the upper right corner of the inventory menu and place it in this small field. Fortunately, deleted items don’t disappear forever; if players mistakenly drop something into the trash, the last few items are saved for a while before they disappear forever.

Considering that the location of items doesn’t respawn unless Hank collects everything from the pile, this is a great thing for players. This means that even if he has to take ordinary wood with expensive mahogany or stones and bricks with pieces of porcelain from the Bear and Breakfast, it’s nice to know that unnecessary, unnecessary things can still be removed.

Bear and Breakfast is available for PC and will appear on Switch soon.


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