BC, WhatsApp payments will be published in Brazil


WhatsApp Pay will have its operation released in Brazil, allowing payments to be made through the messaging app. The confirmation was given yesterday (2) by the president of the Central Bank (BC) Roberto Campos Neto, to Bloomberg.

During participation in the Bloomberg Emerging + Frontier event, the executive stated that the appeal will “be approved” by the institution, after the service goes through the normal regulatory process, alleviating concerns about data protection and competition.

Announced in June, the arrival of the payments service by WhatsApp in Brazil ended up being suspended by the BC. According to Campos Neto, the function can reach more than 100 million people, having a high power of influence in the market. Therefore, the release process could not be accelerated, and should follow the normal procedures of any similar agreement.

Regarding the chance of launching WeChat’s payment service in Brazil, the BC president was not so optimistic, citing the institution’s difficulty in monitoring “independent clusters”.

How will it work?

The payments service within WhatsApp will allow the sending and receiving of money between users of the messenger and the payment of purchases in physical stores, using debit and credit cards.

In transfers from person to person, each user will be able to make up to 20 transactions per day, exclusively by debit card, each limited to R $ 1,000 – there is also a monthly limit of R $ 5,000. To pay for a company, it is also possible to include a credit card and there is no limit.

To avoid unauthorized transactions, transactions will be protected by security features, such as the Facebook Pay PIN and biometrics (on devices that offer this alternative). Another detail is that the novelty will initially be offered only to customers of Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi, with MasterCard and Visa cards.

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The transactions will be processed by Cielo, but according to Bloomberg, there is the possibility of the entry of other companies.


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