BBC approves renewal of third and final episode


It’s unclear if the ongoing pandemic prompted HBO to end His Dark Materials, but the coronavirus outbreak in the UK has undoubtedly impacted the show.

A clear example of this is season 2 of His Dark Materials, where it had only 7 out of 8 episodes due to the pandemic. It’s been mentioned that the team has been working on Season 3 currently, but they could be slowed down.

At the moment, it is known that the filming location will be in Cardiff, Wales, however, with the fluidity of COVID-19, a possible delay is expected in His Dark Materials third season.

Creatively, Season 3 is the perfect opportunity for His Dark Materials to end on a high note. The Amber Spyglass is possibly the richest of the three Pullman books.

Even the showrunners had trouble simplifying the book’s narrative in a single season of His Dark Materials. It had previously been planned to split the book into two seasons.

Although it was decided that it would be too annoying and decided to keep one. In season 3, viewers can expect His Dark Materials to represent surreal imaginative drama and fiction that honors Pullman’s legacy.


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