BBB 21: Sarah as an extra on Netflix’s Lucifer series


Participant Sarah Andrade, from the 21st edition of Big Brother Brasil, a member of the group “Pipoca”, revealed that she had already worked as an extra in the Netflix series Lucifer.

The sister recently spoke, talking with Gil, Juliette and Viih Tube, who, at the time she lived in Los Angeles, in the United States, even met the British Tom Ellis, interpreter of Lucifer Morningstar, protagonist of the series, behind the scenes.

Regarding the experience, Sarah said: “I have already figured in Lucifer and sided with him, but I haven’t gotten to see me yet”.

After the statement, netizens went to streaming in search of the episode in which it appears. The scene in question is that of episode 5 of the fourth season of Lucifer, in which the title character is shot in his nightclub. The blonde appears twice: once dancing and once in the background, sitting at a bar.

On twitter, the results of the public investigation were shared by several accounts. Look!

Besides meeting Lucifer actor Sarah Andrade, she says she already went to a party at DiCaprio’s house

In a story told to Globo, the participant also spoke about other celebrities she had already met in Hollywood. Among them, Oscar winners, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and singers Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, as well as Victoria Secret models, French Montana, among others.

Before joining BBB21, the confine lived in the USA for a few years as a marketing consultant for digital influencers. There, she even kissed some celebrities, the sister told at home. Although she confirmed that the affections were gringos, she did not reveal the names.

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