BB Stops The Registration Of Ourocard Mastercard Cards In Apple Pay


Apple Pay: Motivated by technical problems, Banco do Brasil (BB) temporarily suspended the inclusion of new Mastercard branded cards in Apple Pay. The instability was confirmed by the company on its official Twitter profile this Tuesday (22).

The financial institution was asked by a user of the social network about an alleged exclusion of Ourocard Mastercard cards from Apple’s virtual wallet. In response, BB said that the registration stoppage occurred “due to technical problems”, without giving further details regarding the failure in question.

Following the message, the bank informed that the suspension only affected cards with the Mastercard brand. Customers who have an Ourocard Visa or an Ourocard Elo were able to register normally using the service offered by Maçã, which allows them to make payments using their cell phone, tablet and smartwatch.

Another clarification given by BB’s profile is that the problem did not affect those who registered their Mastercard card with Apple Pay before the failure, allowing transactions to be carried out normally with the tool. So far, the institution has not informed whether the problem has been fixed.

Ourocard Mastercard is accepted since January

The possibility of including BB cards in Apple Pay began to be offered to bank customers in August 2018, starting with the registration of Ourocard Visa users. A few months later, in May 2019, the digital wallet started to accept Ourocard Elo as well.

The registration of Ourocard Mastercard cards in the Apple service was only released in January of this year, when all cards issued by Banco do Brasil began to be accepted in the digital wallet. The solution allows you to make payments to online and physical stores using your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to confirm transactions.

To use the tool, it is necessary to add the card to the Apple Wallet, validating the data below.