Bazaar of Wonders event in Genshin Impact


We tell you everything there is to know about the Genshin Impact Bazaar of Wonders Event, along with the location of Liben and the rewards.

After closing the special event of the Elemental Forge that took place in Genshin Impact a few days ago, miHoYo has prepared a new event called Bazaar of Wonders, thanks to which we will be able to open a series of boxes and obtain the rewards that await us in its inside. Because finding Liben can be a bit complex if we don’t understand the Teyvat map well and we probably won’t know why it is rewarding to start, below and as part of this complete guide we will detail everything step by step and clearly. In addition, we remember that in this other piece we explain everything about the Battle Pass, free and paid, available in the game.

Bazaar of Wonders event: dates and duration

  • Duration of the event: until next November 2 at 5 am (CET, peninsular time in Spain).

We can participate only once a day, so the sooner we start to open the boxes that await us, the sooner we will be able to obtain all the rewards that await us inside, which we leave you detailed below.

How to find Liben and what the event consists of

  • During the event, we will travel as we can follow clues through Teyvat to find a mysterious merchant named Liben.
  • To find it, we can open the event announcement (in the compass icon in the menu) and uncover the available track. Thus, they will tell us that it is, for example, in “Puerta de Piedra” and we can set the point indicated on the map to go there and find it. It stands out for wearing a toupee, sunglasses and purple clothes.
  • Once we discover your location, we can give you the materials you request (food, minerals or whatever) in exchange for being able to open a Box of Rarities. There are up to 5 different ones and we can only obtain one box of each type, so we will have to choose carefully which box we want to uncover to obtain a random reward.
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