Bayonetta 3 will have an additional censorship mode


Fans will finally see the release of Bayonetta 3 later this year. This is one of the most anticipated releases from PlatinumGames on Switch: gamers received a brief overview of the game last fall during Nintendo Direct. The hype around the game intensified even more when the release date was indicated in the latest trailer for Bayonetta 3, confirming that it would appear closer to the end of October.

The new trailer demonstrated the idea of the game, new enemies, as well as Bayonetta’s new demonic powers. He also showcased a number of characters, such as Rodin, Enzo and Luca, who are fan favorites. Bayonetta 3 also introduces Viola, an umbra witch who can summon a giant Cheshire Cat doll and uses a katana for combat, and her fighting style and appearance are similar to Raiden from Metal Gear Rising and Nero from Devil May Cry. While this trailer shows action models and characters in their original form, PlatinumGames shows that there is an additional censorship mode for some players.

This mode was announced in a tweet by PlatinumGames itself, and it is called the “Naive Angel” mode. When this mode is switched, it hides certain elements that show a lot of Bayonetta’s skin, such as when she performs her Wicked Weave attacks. Instead of completely stripping the Bayonette naked, she will be covered with a bodysuit. This also applies to Bayonetta Masquerade transformations: there is a video in the tweet showing the difference between whether the mode is enabled or not.

It is claimed that this mode is completely optional and helps to attract a wider audience, which may be somewhat alienated by the overly sexual content of the game. It’s funny that PlatinumGames hints that this mode is best suited for “playing right in the living room” so that the game is not mistaken for something else. Fans noted that this mode was similar to how Bayonetta was treated in the Super Smash Bros. series, and some even called it “Smash Bros.”. mode.

This mode will probably help Bayonetta 3 gain a wider audience without alienating any of the fans who liked the risky elements of the series. Since the release is only a few months away, PlatinumGames is doing everything possible to attract as much attention to the game as possible, and this mode is one way to do that.

Bayonetta 3 will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.