Bayonetta 3: The Heroine’s Voice Actor Creates Doubts If She Will Be In The Game


Bayonetta 3: Hellena Taylor is an American voice actress known for lending her voice to the English version of Bayonetta. But, just responding to a fan who is very fond of her acting, the actress raised doubts if she will return to the role in Bayonetta 3.

The author of the original tweet called Taylor an “icon” and said she couldn’t imagine Bayonetta without her voice. To that, the voice actress replied “well, you might need to get it”.

It’s clear that the voice actress’s statement has inflamed her fans, who are now worried she won’t return to the role. Unfortunately, Hellena Taylor didn’t go into details about her statement because she can’t. In response to other tweets, she says that she “doesn’t have the freedom to say” and that she really wants to respond, but that she is “bound by a confidentiality agreement”.

Taylor made many comments saying she can’t talk anymore, but unfortunately none that could reassure fans. It is curious that Jean Pierre Kellams also spoke about the subject.

Kellams is currently a senior producer at Harmonix, and has worked on the English adaptations of early Bayonetta. He says he will lead the “revolt” if Hellena Taylor doesn’t return as his voice in English.

Bayonetta 3, at the moment, is still shrouded in mystery. Its Japanese developer, Platinum Games, says that the game’s development remains normal, but that disclosure does not depend on it, but on its producer, Nintendo. The game was revealed in a teaser at The Game Awards 2017, so it’s close to making its four-year anniversary uneventful.


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