Bayonetta 3 Strongly Hints at Teresa’s Return


The developers of Platinum Games officially teased Bayonetta 3 back in 2017, and its release is currently scheduled for 2022. Although a specific release date has not yet been announced, the trailers released so far have given fans a lot to think about what the story of Bayonetta 3 could be, especially after the latest trailer for “First Look”.

During the trailer for “First Look”, shown last fall, fans of the series immediately drew attention to the radical design changes that the heroine of Bayonetta went through. The previous Bayonetta games should definitely be replayed so that fans can get used to the history of the series, and this will definitely help determine the reasons why it seems that Ceres will be introduced in Bayonetta 3.

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Is there a silver in Bayonette 3?

Although technically they are the same person, fans of the series tend to call Bayonetta and Seresa two different people. During the events of the first “Bayonetta”, the main character suffered from amnesia, did not remember who she was, and had no idea that the little girl she picked up, Seresa, was actually her younger self from the past. Then little Seresa was sent back to the past, and the fans will never see or hear about her again. So far, apparently, in Bayonetta’s alternate timeline.

The events of the previous games complemented Bayonetta’s already extensive ent, confirming the existence of alternate realities and timelines along with the ability to travel in time. This led fans to assume that the Bayonetta shown in the trailers is different from the first two games and may actually be an alternate Seresa that holds memories of what happened during the first game of Bayonetta. Whether and how alternate realities intertwine in Bayonetta 3 remains to be seen.

One of the most obvious features that seems to suggest that Seresa will be featured in Bayonetta 3 is the hair of the character we see in the “First Look” trailer. Bayonetta’s unique and magical hair was gathered into a high ponytail in Bayonetta, and in the second game she was seen with a short hairstyle. “Bayonetta”, shown in the trailer for “First Look”, sports the same pigtails that little Seresa wore in the first game of “Bayonetta”, right down to the red ribbons running through them, with the only difference that her hair is much longer. .

There are a few more small details that hint that Bayonetta is different from the others, and in fact the little Seresa has grown. Firstly, these are the large glasses she wears, more rounded compared to the thin rectangular glasses that the main character had with weapons in the first two games. The other is her outfit, which is noticeably less sensual compared to Bayonetta’s design in the past and seems to match the style of Seresa’s child. There is even a brooch on the back of her neck that looks like a cat — with a design similar to the Cheshire Cat toy that Seresa carried with her during the antics of the first Bayonetta.

Platinum Games originally introduced the third game back in 2017, so at the moment it has been in development for at least four years, and it is logical that by now many details of the gameplay have already been approved. Hopefully, the upcoming Nintendo Direct will provide fans with more information about the history of Bayonetta 3, as its release is still scheduled for 2022.

Bayonetta 3 will be released in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.