Batwoman: The world of DC surprised by the sad news that came from the series


Batwoman season 3 came to an end earlier this year as it is one of the Arrowverse shows that has the fewest episodes. While The CW tends to renew most of its DC TV shows, this year was quite different.

In early 2022, news broke that WarnerMedia and Paramount, co-owners of The CW, would be putting the network up for sale. Because of this, it delayed The CW’s renewal and cancellation process, leaving the fate of many shows, including Batwoman, up in the air.

After an extensive waiting period, Batwoman season 4 is not happening, showrunner Caroline Dries confirms. One of the Arrowverse shows that has kept the franchise alive in recent years is Batwoman, which got a new creative tool during season 2 after Ruby Rose, who played Kate Kane, left the series after one season. At the start of Batwoman season 2, Javicia Leslie took on the lead role, and the creative team brought in new character Ryan Wilder to take over Kate’s legacy.

After waiting nearly two months to find out her future, The CW has made its decision on Batwoman. Caroline Dries, showrunner and creator of the DC drama, broke the news on Twitter that the network has informed the Batwoman team that season 4 will not take place, canceling the series after three seasons. Batwoman was one of three DC TV shows that were in the bubble, as Legends of Tomorrow and Naomi have yet to find out if they’ll get another season.

Batwoman season 3 ended with most of its plot points wrapped up, meaning they have fewer cliffhangers to leave unfinished compared to Legends of Tomorrow. The season finale concluded with a brief look at a new mystery villain who would have likely been the big bad of Batwoman season 4.

As sad as the news is, the upside is that the end of Batwoman isn’t necessarily the end of the characters, especially for the heroine herself. The Flash had Leslie’s Ryan hang out with the other heroes for the first time since the character’s creation. In theory, The Flash season 9 or any of the other Arrowverse shows could easily bring in Ryan or any of the other Batwoman characters as guests.