Batwoman: The CW Series Reveals First Images Of Batwing


Batwoman: Recently, The CW released the first images of Camrus Johnson featured as the Batwing. The hero will be introduced yet in the 2nd season of Batwoman, which is scheduled to end on June 27th — there are still three episodes left for the narrative to advance with his appearance.

Camrus Johnson has been playing the character Luke Fox since the series’ pilot episode. However, after a dangerous confrontation with the Crows Security agents, he will take on the Batwing moniker in an extremely provocative manner.

Thus, along with Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), the new Batwoman, the character will have to work hard to sort out the mess left by organized crime in Gotham City. And while all this happens, Luke Fox will still deal with the ghosts of his past, overcoming all the odds left in his path.

Check out the images released by The CW:

Batwoman: Learn more about Batwing’s participation in the series

The Batwing costume was developed by Maya Mani, Batwoman’s costume designer, in partnership with costume producer Diana Patterson and illustrator Andy Poon.

With the project properly underway, the company Ocean Drive Leather was responsible for making it, while the helmet was produced by designer James Fairley, from Amazing Ape.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the full potential of Batwing’s storytelling since we decided to bring Luke Fox to our Bat Team,” said Caroline Dries, who works as executive producer on Batwoman, in an official press release. the character was in the plans since the development of the pilot.

“This character could not come out of nowhere. In this way, we built it from Luke’s deeply personal and complicated story, which we put together during Season 1,” she pointed out, adding that her plot will be extensively explored from Season 3 of the production onwards.

So stay tuned for all the news from The CW series and don’t miss Luke Fox’s first appearance as Batwing!