Batwoman Season 2: The CW’s New Skin


However, rather than recast Kate Kane, The CW has chosen to create an entirely new Batwoman. Played by Javicia Leslie, Ryan Wilder has been described as “nice, messy, a bit goofy and untamed”.

The CW’s Bat-suit itself raises more questions than answers, because it’s clearly not the one Kate Kane wore in Batwoman. So how did Ryan Wilder find such a different outfit in the Arrowverse?

In a sense, the Suit of Pain would simplify the introduction of a new Batwoman. Ryan Wilder wouldn’t need to stumble upon the Bat-Cave or persuade Luke Fox to modify the Bat-suit.

All you have to do is stumble upon a suit already circulating around Gotham in Batwoman. In fact, it’s even possible that the Suit of Pain has already been modified to fit a woman’s body rather than a man’s.

Ryan Wilder is presumably another person who has been tremendously affected by Batwoman; with Kate Kane missing for a longer period he would try to do the same and use the disguise he had discovered to become the new heroine.

That would set up a perfect arc in which Team Bat desperately tried to find Ryan Wilder before tarnishing Batwoman’s good name forever, unaware that she was being influenced by a mystical artifact over 800 years old.

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