Batwoman says goodbye to Kate Kane and introduces Ryan Wilder


Ruby Rose’s departure from Batwoman prompted CW to find a new actress to take her place. But watch out because they are not looking for a new Kate Kane. Deadline’s information shows that he is looking for a younger actress to play a character named Ryan Wilder.

“The show has chosen to bet on a new character in the title role after the departure of star Ruby Rose”

This decision would have been made so as not to upset the fans by directly changing the actress.

In the casting announcement you can read:

  • “Belongs to any ethnic group
  • It narrates “how the woman is about to become a Batwoman
  • She is not at all like Kate Kane. She is stunned and untamed as well as nice and scruffy
  • A drug dealer, the now reformed and sober Ryan lives in her truck and is a highly skilled, but very undisciplined, fighter.
  • Like her predecessor, Ryan is a lesbian. “


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