Batwoman: replacing Ruby Rose as Kate Kane


The broadcaster The CW announced a big news for the second season of Batwoman. A new actress was cast to play the character Kate Kane on the show. The chosen one was Wallis Day, who recently participated in another program involving the DC universe. She played the character Nyssa-Vex in the Krypton series.

In the first season of Batwoman, the actress Ruby Rose had been cast for the role, however, after the conclusion of the debut season, she decided to leave the production, making room for The CW to hire another actress to star in the show.

Instead of casting another actress for Ruby Rose, the station preferred to put a new character at the center of the plot and chose Javicia Leslie to play Ryan Wilder.

Since then, several questions have arisen on the part of fans about how the disappearance of the character would be handled. And, in the last episode of Batwoman, which aired last Sunday (21), this question started to be answered, with the indication that Kate is alive.

According to information shared by the Deadline website, Wallis Day will play the character from the second half of the season, and that the return of the character will not cause Ryan Wilder to leave the Batwoman mantle.

There is still no information on the size of Wallis’ participation in the series, whether she will enter just to end Kate Kane’s plot or whether she will make more constant appearances on the show.

In addition to having worked in Krypton between 2018 and 2019, Wallis worked on The Royals, Jekyll & Hyde and Casanova. Her most recent work is the feature film, still unpublished, Infinite.


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