Batwoman: first images of Javicia Leslie with the Bat-suit


The filming of season 2 of Batwoman has started and the first filtered images of its protagonist have already appeared along with his first official photo.

The second season of Batwoman has already started filming and the first images of its new protagonist, Javicia Leslie, dressed in the vigilante outfit, have already been leaked. In addition, along with the photographs taken on the filming set, the actress herself has already shared a first official image of herself characterized as the Gotham superhero through her personal Instagram account and that you can see more a few lines below in this same news.

Looks like the same Ruby Rose outfit

Thus, and after a brief look at the first images of the new Batwoman (remember that the character will have a new identity after the hasty departure of Ruby Rose after the end of the first season) we can see that at the moment the suit seems to be the same as Kate Kane outfitted in season 1.

In this sense, the actress herself suggests in her Instagram post that she is waiting for someone from production to make some modifications, so it would not be unreasonable to expect an alternative version of the Bat-suit throughout this second season, something which was already discussed in the DC FanDome.

Little else can be appreciated in these types of photographs beyond the descriptions of the authors of the photos, which suggest that Batwoman interacts with a CROWS security bus along with the presence of a sports car from which Batwoman herself leaves and which could be the Batmobile itself.

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Production has started these days in Vancouver with the aim of premiering the first episode of season 2 in January 2021, on a day yet to be specified. We leave you with some of the leaked images of Batwoman in the middle of filming her second season.


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