Batwoman: Dougray Scott Leaves Series Cast After Two Seasons


Batwoman:  After two seasons, actor Dougray Scott is leaving the cast of the series Batwoman, shown by The CW.

In the production, which ended its second wave of episodes last Sunday (27), he played the character Jacob Kane, a former army colonel who worked at Crows Security and was the father of Kate Kane (Ruby Rose/Wallis Day), the first Batwoman.

As such, his last official appearance would have taken place in “Rebirth”, broadcast two weeks before the season finale aired. The information was recently confirmed by Caroline Dries, executive producer and showrunner of Batwoman, in a statement released by Entertainment Weekly.

“[Jacob Kane’s] story was basically about getting the Crows involved in the Batwoman plot, because we took a very tough stand against police brutality this season and we wanted to use them,” she revealed.

“Once we made that decision and obviously Kate isn’t continuing on the show, this character seems to have ended her trajectory, for better or for worse,” she explained.

The director also used her official Twitter account to thank fans for following the series. “I am fortunate to work at my dream job alongside an obsessively motivated, kind and brilliant team. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in Season 2! It was a gift,” she wrote.

Batwoman: Learn more about Dougray Scott’s departure from the DC series

In every episode of the DC heroine series aired so far, Scott has developed interesting nuances for Jacob Kane.

Moving towards its end, the character literally dissolved the Crows and, after this action, was arrested for helping Alice (Rachel Skarsten), being transferred, shortly thereafter, to Metropolis. In this city, he would await his judgment.

“Having Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane in Batwoman was incredibly special for all of us,” said Caroline Dries through the same newsletter. “We love to tell the story of Commander Kane in these two seasons and we will always leave the doors open for him to come back,” she concluded.

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