Batwoman 2×5: Ryan seeks painting hidden map (Recap)


Batwoman Season 2 introduced the first non-binary character in the series. More than that, the 2×5 episode followed the revelation of who Angelique is, made in the previous episode, in an equally surprising way by revealing that Ocean has the picture of Napier that everyone was looking for.

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More details of the 2×5 episode of Batwoman

In the new episode, the premise that Kate Kane is still a prisoner in Coryana remains as one of the mysteries. Sophie continues to interrogate suspects. Jacob also wants the painting, mainly because Safiyah doesn’t want it near the artwork. But, before he gets more leads, he is captured by Ryan.

He has his own suspicions about Evan Blake, a friend of Kate’s who is well known in the Gotham art scene – even a possible member of The Collective. He shares his suspicions with Sophie and the two agree that they need Batwoman’s help.

As much as she is against it, Ryan knows that the best way to solve the mystery is to assume his alliance. So, she decides to help her.

The team gets a suspect and he reveals that the picture is related to Coryana. With that, they form a plan to invade a party of the group The Collective to steal the painting, since he hides the map for Coryana. Angelique is also part of that plan and it is, at the very least, strange that she hasn’t yet realized that Ryan is the Batwoman. Even so, this revelation should stay for the next episodes.

Ryan finds the painting and uses the superhero costume to steal it. However, before he succeeds, the painting is taken by Wolf Spider, who manages, in one stroke, to get rid of both Ryan and the Crows. But in a chase, the Crows manage to hit him and take the painting. When Ryan takes off his mask, she finds out that Wolf Spider was Evan. She takes him to Mary’s clinic and the two manage to save his life.

So, Ryan resents having agreed to work with Sophie and Jacob after they took the painting. Therefore, she decides that she will never stop following her intuition. Even with Sophie insisting that she is trying to change the way things happen, she refuses to continue as an ally of the duo.

The end of the episode brought yet another surprise as Alice and Ocean fled together. Alice remembers that she and Ocean were once lovers and, more surprisingly, Ocean has the original painting. Yes, the painting stolen by Evan was fake!

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