Batwoman 2×4: Ocean becomes one of Alice’s targets


Batwoman’s second season is increasingly proving that it’s not just another DC series. In fact, the show developed an exciting plot, even after changing its protagonist. In this new episode, the mystery of the drug Snake Bite begins to be solved and the objectives of the False Face Society are also clearer.

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More details of the 2×4 episode of Batwoman

Beth Kane’s background (also known as Alice) was one of the most interesting plots of Season 1. After all, she suffered a lot at the hands of August Campbell and her mother. With that, she is the famous cliché that “not everyone is born bad”, the classic theme of DC.

This time, the writers began to develop – and very well, by the way – the connections between the drug Snake Bite, the False Face Society and even “Candy Lady”, who has already kidnapped Ryan. That is, everything is related. In fact, even Angelique Zsasz, mentioned in the previous episode, is involved in the story and was the one who saved Ryan at the time.

Angelique finds the apartment of one of Alice’s targets, Ocean. Apparently, that is the answer for anyone who is producing the Snake Bite and it may even be that Ocean is the leader of the False Face Society.

Alice looks in shock when she sees Ocean’s photo. Sophie says she needs a surname in order to investigate it further. However, Alice replies that none of the villains uses the surname, being a form of biblical metaphor. Safiyah, Tatiana and Ocean are some examples.

With that, Ocean becomes one of Alice’s biggest targets in Batwoman. However, Sophie, Alice and Julia still have doubts about his relationship with the False Face Society. After all, it has been proven that they have a lot of power in Gotham, so the production of Snake Bite in an ordinary apartment doesn’t seem to make sense.

Meanwhile, Ryan keeps looking for Kevin and Candy Lady. Ryan’s past makes the DC series delve into themes like poverty and racism, bringing flashbacks to how harsh his childhood was and how Kevin’s reaction to having a chance to join the False Face Society is not that surprising. After all, when you are invisible in society, any chance of belonging must be taken advantage of.

The 2×4 episode had a lot of action and the beginning of explanations for the biggest mysteries of the season. What do you think will happen in the next episodes of Season 2 of Batwoman? Leave your opinion below!


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