Batwoman 2×2: Alice polluting the population


After the exciting debut of Batwoman’s second season, in which we met Kate’s replacement, her challenges have finally begun. After being shot with kryptonite, Ryan tries to ignore the pain, but it appears that the injury will have serious and lasting consequences for her.

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More details of the 2×2 episode of Batwoman

Ryan tries to heal his wound with regular pain relievers and doesn’t care about the nuisance. In the meantime, she even avoids an attempted robbery and finds Sophie. This is not the first time they’ve met, as Ryan has a criminal past.

Ryan is arrested, despite having prevented the assault. With that, she and Sophie have a conversation on opposite sides of the interrogation table. Therefore, the only thing that allows his freedom is the security camera – which, of course, confirms Ryan’s story.

Since Batwoman has not been seen for a long time, Gotham citizens begin to wonder what would have happened to her. Then, Alice and her gang, Wonderland, leak a video of the superheroine falling into one of her ambushes. When citizens come together to help her, Alice puts her plan into practice and throws hundreds of poisonous bats into the crowd.

Ryan manages to fend off bats, but the population has already been contaminated. The problem is that the only antidote is Alice’s own blood! She hands it over to Mary who, in turn, hands it over to be synthesized and distributed by Hamilton Dynamics.

However, it is clear that all this is a great scenario for Alice. After all, her larger plan is aimed at Safiyah. Although the character has not yet appeared in Batwoman, there is no doubt that she will be one of the greatest villains that Gotham has ever known.


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