Batwoman 2×15: New Alliances Begin Forming


Batwoman: Season 2 of Batwoman finally returned from its hiatus this Sunday (6). The last episode ended in a cliffhanger, with Luke being shot by the Raven agents. He was blamed for stealing a car, and so far, we didn’t know what happened to him. Check out the full recap below!

More details of the 2×15 episode of Batwoman

“Armed and Dangerous”, that was the title of the series’ comeback episode and it lived up to the plot. First of all: yes, Luke survived. In fact, what happened was almost as if he had been resurrected, which could have consequences in the future. We still don’t know if he will remember his decision or even blame his friends for saving his life. But so far, the important thing is that he’s alive.

Meanwhile, the entire city of Gotham seems to have turned against the Ravens. The group’s absence from the streets is sure to be an interesting new dynamic for the series, making more soldiers needed to fight crime.

Roman Sionis remains reluctant to be the protector of Gotham. Jacob ponders retiring, but there is still a chance that he will become Alice’s ally. In fact, leaving the Ravens might be precisely the reason Alice decided to return to him.

Alice needs loyal people by her side and apparently her quest takes her to curious places. Ocean may be this loyal partner, but the past still makes Alice suspicious of him. It even seems ironic to think that she seeks an ally in her Snakebite-addicted father when her boyfriend is the best drug maker in town.

Overall, the 2×15 episode of Batwoman was a way of reminding viewers about where each of the characters was, making room for the next plots. With the Ravens far away from Gotham, the city police are sure to have a lot of trouble keeping the citizens safe. In addition, the Circe/Kate arc should also be covered in upcoming episodes.

There are only three episodes left in Season 2 and some questions remain: Will Black Mask survive? Will Luke remember his decision and will he be able to move on? We can only wait to find out.

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