Batwoman 2nd season: new heroine debuts on DC series


The debut of the 2nd season of Batwoman happened this Sunday (17th) and has already left many fans with their mouths open. After all, Ruby Rose’s departure from the series raised many questions about what the new episodes would look like and how the DC series would explain Kate Kane’s absence. So, how was the transformation explained?

More details of the 1st episode of the 2nd season of Batwoman

In July, DC announced that Gotham’s new protector would be Ryan Wilder, played by Javicia Leslie. Therefore, we already knew that the beginning of the season could be turbulent with the introduction of the new character. But everything was done in an exciting way!

Kate’s plane exploded in the sky of Gotham just in the opening scene of the episode. With that, the series set the precedent for the new character to assume the post of protector. Unlike Kate, Ryan is an ordinary girl and very easy to identify with. She cannot find a job and is a former inmate.

Therefore, his life was very different from Kate’s. But still, she is connected with all the Kane sisters!

When Ryan begins to research DC heroin, she discovers that she and Kate had a lot in common. She feels close to Kate because of the loss of her mother. Then, she also takes on the mission of murdering Alice, since those responsible for the death of her own mother were the members of Wonderland.


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