Battletoads analysis: “WE’RE BACK!”


The most powerful batrachians in video games are back with a delivery that is summarized in pure action, colorful and healthy Coop.

“These cameos kill me!”, Rash

Battletoads analysis: “WE’RE BACK!”
1991. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles beat it, they destroy it worldwide, converted from an ultraviolent underground comic to an animated series for children, turned into a source of pure and constant merchandising. In the midst of this, the basic idea in US animation studios is simple: “we want more anthropomorphic warrior and / or sugarcane animals”. And as the most direct ‘heirs’ of the TMNT fever we have a Rare production for the Nintendo NES: Battletoads, some warrior toads that hit ostia like bread and have that 90s attitude of Poochie from the Simpsons -Rash wears sunglasses, what we leave there …

Beyond the ‘copy-paste’

The saga has been brilliantly summarized by our ‘voice’ and retro compendium Juan Arenas in this Memory Card video. But suffice it to say that the Battletoads, obviously emerged from the turtle-madness, reached their own personality, became an icon of their own, and that has kept them in memory for 26 years despite not having starred in more than a handful of games in 3rd and 4th Gen and the Arcades – plus cameos like Killer Instinct or Shovel Knight.

And it is that when you debut with a game that has A- a great rhythm in terms of mixing different genres and B- THE **** MOST HATED MOTORCYCLE PHASE IN THE HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES -or one of the most hated-, you go to memory Yes or yes. For this reason, and with the fever they revive hitting very hard since the last 7th Gen, a group of fans died (we) because these three batrachians returned. And a year ago, Microsoft gave us that pleasure when it released the trailer for this Battletoads, a title sold as a remake – reboot that is actually one of those late sequels that we are seeing so much.

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