Battlefield Undergoes Internal Changes Preparing Future Games


Battlefield: Earlier this month we reported that EA was looking to create a shared Battlefield universe, and now the developer has started making several internal changes to correct the course after Battlefield 2042 fell short of fan expectations, thanks in large part to their bugs and lack of features.

As reported in an extensive report on the Gamespot website, the General Manager of DICE, Oskar Gabrielson, is leaving the company, and in his place is Rebecka Coutaz, former studio director at Ubisoft Annecy. Vince Zampella, from Respawn, was promoted to boss of Battlefield. In its new phase, the franchise will receive several games made by multiple US and European studios, all interconnected.

Marcus Lehto, the former Halo designer, now coordinates a new team in Seattle whose mission is to bring more storytelling elements to EA’s FPS series, as well as working closely with Ripple Effect to improve the Battlefield 2042 experience. The Ripple Effect , in turn, made the Portal mode and is also creating an unprecedented experience in the universe of 2042.

Though it lacks a campaign mode, the latest game in the series should be bundled with new experiences that will create “opportunities to tell more stories now and in the future as well,” according to hired Call of Duty veteran Byron Beede to improve long-term business decisions for Battlefield.

We still don’t have concrete information about the upcoming games and releases of the series, but Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, also said he is open to the possibilities of exploring the free to play market. Before that, the general idea is to ensure that 2042 has the best online experience possible, creating a good foundation for building a universe around it.

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