Battlefield Mobile: First Gameplay Videos Leak


Battlefield Mobile had its first details revealed earlier this month, but with images only, no videos. That changes now, with the first leaked screenshot of cellphones from people who had the chance to start testing the game in Southeast Asia. Check it out below:

One of the most interesting things about seeing the “pure” gameplay of the leak is to check out the game’s HUD, as these elements have been removed from the screenshots available on Google Play.

The graphics aren’t as impressive as we’re used to seeing with every new Battlefield, but that’s no surprise since this is a mobile version. In addition to the hardware being more limited by the portable size, EA also wants to ensure that the game will run on the widest variety of devices possible.

Taking into account the overwhelming success that rival franchise Call of Duty has had on mobile phones, it’s safe to say that EA was even slow to bring Battlefield to mobile as well. We want to know from readers, then, what they think of the game. Will he be able to compete head-to-head with the COD Mobile phenomenon?


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