Battlefield Mobile: First Game Details Revealed


Battlefield Mobile: Anyone who is a fan of the Battlefield franchise and can’t wait any longer for Battlefield 2042 will be pleased to know that Battlefield Mobile has already won a page on the Google Play Store! Apparently, EA will invest heavily in the cell phone market and promises to launch an adventure worthy of the high standards of the series there.

The idea is that the first performance tests and servers start happening in the next quarter in the Philippines and Indonesia, but be aware that you will need an Android 7.0 or higher to be able to play. In this initial test only the Grand Bazaar map, old acquaintance of Battlefield 3 players, will be available for matches.

As is the tradition of the best shooters for mobile phones, Battlefield Mobile will be completely free to play, but that won’t stop you from using some elements seen in games for consoles and computer. Real money will only be used to buy cosmetic items and invest in the Battle Pass.

Soldiers on duty will be pleased to know that the game will have four classes in all: Assault (Assault), Support (Support), Medic (Medic) and Recon (Recon), and you can customize the appearance of each of them at will and all will have their own missions suited to their narratives.

Though it still doesn’t have an exact release date set, Battlefield Mobile is expected to hit Android and iOS devices around the world sometime in 2022. Are you looking forward to it? Did you like the new information? Let us know in the comments below!