Battlefield 6: Videos Show New Leaked Trailer Images


Battlefield 6: EA Games has yet to show the upcoming Battlefield reveal trailer, but the internet is doing the job for the company. After details surfaced online last week, several images of the game’s presentation are currently rolling out on forums and social networks, including possible gameplay snippets.

A publication available on the Imgur website has compiled the leaks so far and created a sequence that is supposedly part of the presentation video. The images show a modern war environment, including a robot dog and a rocket exploding at the takeoff base.

In addition to the images above, a video published on TikTok reportedly brought more images of the trailer and gameplay of the possible Battlefield 6. Not to be knocked down by EA, the video has several random clips, but related to the theme of the game, including sequences from previous titles of the franchise and parts of the episode Metalhead, from the Black Mirror series.

However, according to VG47, at least part of the video may be from Battlefield 6. In addition to the rocket sequence, the video features, right at the beginning, a squad with soldiers with a gameplay interface.

While the information is uncertain, leak specialist Tom Henderson points out that about 80% of the new Battlefield trailer has already appeared on the internet. In other words, now only EA Games needs to release production in high definition.

The next title in the Battlefield franchise will be released later this year and will have versions for consoles of the eighth and ninth generation, as well as PC. The trend is that the official news about the title will appear in the first weeks of June, the time of E3 2021.


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